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8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Art, Craft & Stationery Lovers

The holidays are coming and, like every year, you are wondering what you could possibly offer to your loved ones. Artiful Boutique has put together 8 ideas for you that will fill your loved ones with happiness.

1. Morandi Gel pens

These are, without a doubt, my favorite gel pens. The ink spreads easily and the colors are just gorgeous. It is also possible to write on dark paper with these pens since the ink is sufficiently opaque. As a bonus, a little pearly tint is present in each color.

2. Paul Rubens Watecolor

Watercolor is the go-to medium when I need to relax and take time for myself. You don't have to be an expert to appreciate this art form at all. To make it a little different, offer watercolors with a pearly finish. You will see happy people, guaranteed!

3. Thermal printers

If you were looking for a gadget for your teenager, you can stop looking! Give him a thermal printer, he will not only be amazed, but also delighted. Since thermal printers do not require ink and connect to smart devices, they are easy to use on a daily basis. Your teen will be able to print pictures that he likes or photos of his friends. Plus, thermal printers are downright cute.

6. Coloring book and colored pencils

Coloring made a strong comeback during the pandemic. Know someone who loves to color, but uses their child's colored pencils? Give him the Faber-Castell colored pencils and a beautiful adult coloring book. He will have hours of fun and take his coloring technique to another level.

4. Fountain pen

Are you looking for a gift for a distinguished, refined person who particularly enjoys writing? We have exactly what he needs: a fountain pen set. In addition to its professional look, the fountain pen offers an unparalleled writing experience. The fountain pen is great for calligraphy and even drawing.

5. Decorative accessories

Did you know? Artiful Boutique offers you an array of home decor accessories inspired by renowned artists such as William Moris, Julie de Graag and Charles Goy. You will find in the collection magnificent throw pillows, mouse pads, phone cases, and even pretty tank top for your pet! Why not ?!

7. Decorative stickers and washi tapes

Our love affair with the stickers doesn't have to end on the small school benches. They are perfect for personalizing personal effects like a diary, a notebook or even a water bottle. They are also ideal for children who love to peel off and put on cute little pictures. In short, it is a gift that can appeal to young and old alike!

8. Winsor & Newton Fine Acrylic Paint in Tubes Set and Paintbrush Set

There is nothing more disheartening than starting a new hobby, like painting, and realizing that we are always missing something: a color, a brush size… Give your loved one acrylic paint accompanied by a set of brushes. He will have everything he needs to create wonderful paintings. The color pigments are vibrant and the paint texture creamy.


Hope my article has given you some gift ideas for your friends and family. Don't forget to spoil yourself too, since you deserve it!

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